All Stars Bend Towards the Moon: Poetry Book

All Stars Bend Towards the Moon is a compilation of poems I wrote from the days of my disorienting step into manhood, whilst at the same time living with my a parent that suffers from an mental illness. Desperation, despair and disillusion smothers the entire book with imagery and atmosphere. Weaving and sewing words together with a romanticism that even John Keats and Jeff Buckley would swoon upon.

Riddled In Thorns

Lonely cries, a severed heart
dwells in a basement
damp from wall to wall,
as glass shatters on the floor
for the lover she once adored
is fulfilled with another.

Paling, riddled in thorns
ridged and scarred
a love shredded into two
‘why wasn’t I enough?
did’nt the sun shine out of behinds
or was I too gentle and kind?’

And where he should be a lay
are the dead roses he displayed
but like their conjugal bed
her body pale and still, lifeless dreams
those howling cries of hers
bleed through the branches and leaves
slaughter, slice and shred her
in your evil tormented mind.

And now
behind darkened corners
of a room haunted with lies
she drifts in and out,
in and out
in and out
as she`s riddled in thorns.

Lilac Reservoir

In the lilac reservoir
the people swim within it’s gleam
as the sun manifests into the moon
eyes spellbinding
magnetically synced to it’s tune.

Whispering willow,
perch upon your roots
with leafy needles in hand
paint us with watercolour strokes
while we toke from strand to strand.

Mystical air
briskly ties us
through the breathless night
pushing and pulling humankind
to be merrily intertwined.

Once more, it’s time
for the resonating sun,
to awake from the deepest of sleeps
and filled with sun rays seep
into the lilac reservoir.

Season of Creativity

Sun is shining
let our minds unwind
remember we’re rainbows,
earthlings stay kind
as body and mind flows.

Stuck indoors?
but the time is now
to spring in creativity
and see
your visions that were,
that were a portal scary
can lure us into new direction.

Sun is shining
feel it on your skin
remember we’re rainbows
earthlings stay kind
as your ears and eyes sing.

Stuck indoors?
the uncertainty is real
but creativity is a medicine
that reaps the heals
friends unite at this time
as the leaves grow into solace
for we are all sublime
for we are all sublime.

Poet Puppeteer

Poet puppeteer, whence did be begin?
minuscule hands be baskets around
from scene to scene, pirouetting so
a floating river drifts towards him
as the glowing stars, illuminates his eyes
eyes that dream of scenes
that masquerade in silent films.

Fleeting, serenading from town to town
amongst the wondrous people, mesmerized
with joyful pleas “oh glistening savour,
sprinkle us with your raw words”
with his words that hypnotizes hearts
and heals the cuts within a tired body
oh, just like lavender against your skin.

Half moon blues and mystical light
suddenly surrounds him, he weeps
“oh, is it time? I’m not afraid to die”
after weaving wisdom, the starry night
now wants him for it’s own
he hears a familiar voice whisper
“it won’t hurt, don’t be afraid”

As he exits this life
the feelings he gave to so many
appear, like the moon a lay on a rivers
because in a heart pure and true
will always touch lives, tenderly
for a poet puppeteer he’ll forever be.