Wem.. Gehort Die Stadt (Who Owns the City?) 

Demo demo here again, cascade like fruit skittles as the capital’s vocal chords ring out in chorus. For the Wem.. Gehort Die Stadt demo was a bouncing bubble of all individuals asserting their griveness of raised rentals and distressing evictions. Sadly this mirrors many creative lead cities, championing to keep their green polican communities in motion for the children of today and tomorrow. And these causes were chanted by the teenagers that visualise their rocky ride from their family home to adult living. Can we afford to move out? where do we go?

Two floats injecting a fusion of funk, disco and techno, daring the people to join their uplifting sounds. The route we followed was immersed with crowds standing from either side of the streets, and above the buildings so tall were more gazing eyes with banners that blew in the vigourous wind. The feeling of togetherness was apparent and figured from every direction, which gave me the opportunity to capture the atmosphere in all it’s purity. Unlike any other demo I’ve been to there was a underlined message on why the unitification of the people is needed. It was humbling to witness the equal importance the organisers put on the partying and speechess during the day.

Loving embraces that I was fortunate to experience, swirled within me and through the vibrancy of my Canon. Another weekend another demo, so where do we go from here?. It’s still very unclear but what we do know is that Berlin’s visual landscape will not be surrendered, staggered or sullen to any notion of government disdain.


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