Fridays for Future 2019

A year ago Greta Thunburg started a movement that echoed through a species exasperated by the notion of a planet gasping to exist. The ice caps are still plundering into a sea of slushed tears, and now? Mother nature’s most vast forest has been blazed and choked through to its bones. What do we do? Take to the streets.

The second anniversary of Fridays for Future was the D-Day of demonstrations. The Brandenburg platz was full a gloss of children anguished and dispared of their future detained. The start of the demonstration was filled with a highly charged emotion driven like a piece of theatre, where the children took the lead, supporting and directing roles. Placards a loft with vigourous precision, “our house is burning!” the planet is breathlessly choking in the fumes of idiocy. Marching to a beat that was mirrored around this dying globe felt for me the most important stance I’ve been apart of.

When will the world leaders take their heads out of their shriveled ass’ and lead us headfirst into solidarity and hope for this land we sublet? No species is greater than the other, just because us humanoids can project through scriptures it doesn’t allow us to be the judge, jury and executioner of this land. Trump, Johnson, Putin and Jong-un are like a tribute band that have forgotten all setlist, so they try and cover their tracks with a melody so rotten and crooked.
Why are we still subjected to dictatorships?

No! it won’t be an easy road, and the years of damage to this planet’s liver we will forever be trying to reverse but if we don’t start now when will we? there is one thing we can be sure of is that the world is witnessing a revolution that is tuned in and televised to everyone’s transmission. For the age of Greta has began, so will you leave you children’s future in the wasteland?

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