Rise Foundation e.V.

Rise Foundation e.V
is a non-profit organisation that has been weaving their healing charitable hands to the vast 10,000 homeless community in Berlin since June 2018. Coming from a poverty stricken country like England I’ve been shrouded by the sullen state of the frost like attention the homeless people receive. As the only interaction the suits have to offer to the homeless is a charitable grimace and a glare, where as in the German capital there feels more of a up rising in the strong support for the homeless. When the tempest wind sweeps through the city, charitable organisations like Rise Foundation e.V are forever important in sustaining the homeless whilst they battle with hunger, cleanliness and abandonment from societies vision.

Rise Foundation e.V gathered a team of well wishes and full hearted volunteers that provide the homeless with food, sanitary packages from organisations such as Bio Company and Sirplus. Being a newly employed by Sirplus I first heard of Rise Foundation e.V from a colleague and after spotting their ‘Helping the Homeless People’ events regularly on my Facebook feed I knew I had to get involved… And I did today!

Windswept Windswept Windswept and stormy to the core the Berlin sky was but a water colour painting that was stroked with metallic. The streets never seeped so much grey but this didn’t discourage our merry volunteers, we clung together shuffling through U-Bahn to U-Bahn seeking the people that needed a human touch the most. Firstly we came across a man that was awkwardly sprung across a U-Bahn bench with his forehead cut but as I smiled and engaged with him, his despondent expression turned to a pleasantly surprised and thankful plea. It felt like I was sent to brighten his day as the world around him was bleak due to shivering weather outside. Skipping under the flooded sky we came across another man that was wrapped with bandages from the feet up, my heart sank as I witnessed him hopping from one shop to the next. Nearer we approach each other two humans trying to keep thew warm between our bodies and clothes, yet he was sock-less with shoes that were shredding beneath his soles. Like the man inside the U-Bahn station before, one smile made him instantly want to interact with me, and from our engagement it felt so comforting that we were able to provide him a pair of snuggly socks, a hat to sustain him on his daily travels.

A shocking example of the state discarding below the breadline families was an upsetting interaction with a woman that has three children. Her benefits were disgracefully from the job centre were recently written off! You can’t fathom how helpless, disheartened and afraid a mother must feel knowing that she can’t support her children in the way she would like. As the other members of the group conversed with her I was gut-wrenchingly saddened by her situation and naturally thought of my mum being teased, tormented and trapped by the British Council to evict her from her home early last year. It’s situations like these where charitable organisations such as Rise Foundation e.V have the heart and courage to change someones day from a negative to a positive.

The next time you come across a homeless person, please stop and try to interact with them in some way because imagine if that was your mother, father or future child living in ferocious winds and icy rain but a raggedy sheets and lasting belongings that are within black bags that are punctured at the seams.

  • Smile
  • Converse
  • Listen
  • Donate food, clothes, bedding
  • Respect
  • Don’t be inhumane! Be humane!
  • Lastly, treat the homeless like you would want to be treated


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