Luxemburg-Liebknecht Demo 20′

On the 12th day of the year I lept into my first demonstration of 2020 with the the hope and vigour of boomeranging back to protestation duties. Today message was about solidarity, peace and reigniting the 101 years old flame that Polish revolutionary  Rosa Luxemburg and her comrade German Socialist Karl Liebknecht lit before they were shamefully murdered together on 15th January 1919. Now they are in a long line of people that have been unjustly banished from this world’s core before they truly finished sending their message. Oh… But not for these two humanitarians they fought against the tirade of the German right wing parties (German Conservative Party and German Reich Party). This year’s demo seems more important than ever with me looming threat of another devastating war.

In the chilled Berlin air as the chants were ringing from start of the demonstration at  Frankfurter Tor, where the numbers briskly were in unison ‘Solidarität! Solidarität! Solidarität!’ The together richness of the various types of people from young and old, money couldn’t buy. Unlike other demos I’ve been to in the city this felt more sprinkled of the elderly community in Berlin. The children of a socialist world that could’ve been, but they know more than anyone of the brutal catastrophe that masked the whole of Europe in the last world war. It felt like this was a day for them to pass on their wisdom and memories from a time rings relevantly today.

On a Sunday morning to have so many faces from different cultures waving their banners was something to behold, South American, Arabian and German Veterans all stitched stitched together in their quest for justice. Nothing says togetherness than a mixture of humans making a stand together, when images of war break through your television screens. This demonstration felt timely, it felt raw… The vile bullying and missile present that the President of the United States Donald Trump has given to Iran has shown that war is always a danger when a buffoon is given the keys to a house that shouldn’t belong to him. Why must history repeat itself again and again and again?

Above the marching crusade the sun glistened on the many who were showing no waver, no backing down as the spirit of Luxemburg and Liebknecht are still swimming in the the rising flames of the worlds veins. These two revolutionaries died for what they believed and the braveness to the end is a what has clung to the generations afterwards,  and has made us protest for causes that the powers above think are beneath them and unworthy but NO!. We must protest and never surrender to the dictators and merciless controllers that contaminated our human rights. In a world where the right wing consistently smokes out the liberal communities, please remember that people such as Luxemburg and Liebnecht have existed through the ages and we can carry their message go forth into brighter days.

Written by Sonny Barthley



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